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Online carpool & ride-sharing coordination
for friends, parents and employees.

Simplified Car Pool & Commute Planning


SnapRides makes it easy to invite your friends, other parents or colleagues. Organize your rides in groups of drivers and riders, manage invitations automatically.


Use the SnapRides app to schedule rides for regular commutes, car pooling, or one-off school trips. Take the pain out of juggling everyone's calendars.


SnapRides offers a real-time tracking option for users to share their location. Great for parents who want to know when to expect the kids back home, and your boss...


Use the mobile version to send a 'panic' message with one touch. Schedule daily or weekly email reminders to drivers and riders, keeping everyone riding smoothly!

Step 1. Send Group Invitations

Create a group of drivers and riders. This group can be as simple as two moms driving some kids, or as complex as a whole school or company, just enter names and emails and we do the rest.

RideSharing is growing in popularity across many countries, and with many employee groups. Offer your employees the easy-to-use SnapRides app to help them coordinate ride sharing throughout the whole company.

Get everyone to the field, on time & and safely. Use SnapRides to coordinate car pools with the whole team, share on TeamSnap and get notifications sent out along with team updates.

Step 2. Define Routes

Next, schedule a route. This can be something simple like taking the the kids to school, or more complex route involving multiple stops.

SnapRides can help you share routing information. Enter in pickup and dropoff location and generate route details using Google Maps™ online. Perfect for coordinating school trips with muliple drivers.

We focused on keeping SnapRides as simple to use. You have a ton of other things to worry about. SnapRides is easy to set up one for the whole year and then it's self-running with weekly notices sent out every Sunday, and daily warnings about un-assigned rides sent out noontime the day before.

Step 3. Schedule Rides

Next, schedule a ride date. This can be the one-off school trip or sporting event, or your daily commute.

The SnapRides calendar is simple All dates are managed seperately, and can be changed very easily but the group owner. You can export ride information to your calendar of choice.

Using GPS on your mobile device, you can enable SnapRides tracking features to automatically update the rest of your group on your location. Great way to relieve any early-morning anxieties. Don't guess when your ride will arive, know.

Step 4. Assign & Remind

Create a group of drivers and riders. This group can be as simple as two moms driving some kids, or as complex as a whole school or company, with a few drivers and many riders.

SnapRides group sharing is easy. Set up your driver and rider groups, including emails and phone numbers of your drivers and riders, and invitation notices are sent out by email automatically. For security reasons, we require users to create an account before they will receive weekly or daily email or text reminders.

SnapRides has automatic email notification, and optional text notificaiton for paid subscriptions. Weekly ride scheudles and assignments are sent out every Sunday by default, indicating any missing driver assignments. And daily email or text warnings are sent out the day before to alert everyone about any missing or un-assigned drivers.

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Super easy to set up!
1 Group
10 Drivers
10 Riders
Email Only Alerts
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1 month FREE Trial
4 Groups
20 Drivers
20 Riders
Email & Text Alerts
Mobile & Web Versions



1 month FREE Trial
10 Groups
100 Drivers
100 Riders
Rider Insurance Verification
Branded Web Portal



1 month FREE Trial
100 Groups
1000 Drivers
1000 Riders
Private Cloud Services
Branded Web & Mobile

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